Publications French SIF publishes handbooks, guides, studies, etc.

Written in French they are translated in English when there is an international use or demand.

Oct. 2021

Finance & Biodiversity – Understanding and acting

The work was launched in 2020 with a view to the important international deadlines. A multi-stakeholder reading committee bringing together investors, civil society and researchers was set up and the work resulted in the publication of the « Finance & Biodiversity – Understanding and acting » booklet.
This booklet, which is aimed at companies and investors as well as any stakeholder concerned, is an educational presentation of the state of knowledge and practices on this new theme.

Mar. 2021

Impact Investing – A demanding definition for listed and non-listed products

Impact is the new frontier in socially responsible investing. Whilst socially responsible investment focuses primarily on companies with the best environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices, the time has come to construct funds capable of demonstrating their positive impact, and thus that fully meet their commitment to investors. With this joint guide, developed by comparing the practices of sophisticated professionals in the listed and unlisted segments, France Invest and the FIR hope to avoid succumbing to empty marketing rhetoric and impact washing. This booklet is the result of two years of common work between the two associations.

Oct. 2020

Integrating ESG-Climate Issues into asset allocation – Challenges and practices

The FIR focused on the « new frontier » of integrating ESG into asset allocation, a subject that has been little discussed and documented to date. To this end, the FIR has launched a working group co-piloted by Helena Charrier, Deputy Group Sustainability at the Caisse des Dépôts and Jean-Philippe Desmartin, Director of Responsible Investment at Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management. The booklet resulting from this work aims to explore the motivations, methodological issues and academic challenges related to ESG-climate integration. Finally, the booklet includes a series of concrete research avenues intended for the academic community.

Juin. 2020

Corporate tax practices: Moving from compliance to responsiblity – CAC 40 engagement report

For the responsible investment community, tax policy is an essential dimension of CSR. At present, however, taxation too often represents a blind spot for corporate social responsibility. At a time when companies are increasingly claiming their commitment to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals, the FIR sends a strong signal to issuers to engage them in a reflection on their practices in terms of fiscal responsibility. This campaign of dialogue and engagement has taken the form of a survey which results and analysis as well as seven recommendations are included in the study.

Jan. 2020

Supply chains and responsible investment – Improving risk management

This handbook is intended to raise awareness among asset management companies and institutional investors of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues related to the supply chain and to encourage them to adopt best practices to manage the related risks.

Sep. 2016

Article 173-VI : Understanding the French regulation on investor climate reporting

Translation in English of French SIF’s Handbook on this law article which will also have an impact on international investors. Understand this innovative regulation and start the road toward an ESG-Climate investment and reporting strategy.